Your business can only grow to the level of your thinking and reasoning ability. I know you’re now comparing the level of your business and your decision making and reasoning ability. Yes, it’s true. The sharper and smarter you are, the more likely that your business will outshine others in the marketplace. 

Continuously dig deeper and improve your knowledge horizon. Don’t keep on clinging to that which is old. It doesn’t have any place in the current settings. The business that used to give you money then has been overtaken by events. The market has become too dynamic that by the blink of an eye, a million changes would have taken place. 

There is no substitute for continuous learning. Some thought learning is expensive and tried ignorance, they paid the price threefold that side. Ignorance is very expensive. Don’t try it. You’ll rather learn than and be wise. 

Customer tastes and preferences are always changing and to continue prescribing an old solution to a new challenge, it’s as good as pressing the exit button from the same market. If you want to create enemies in the market, give them a wrong solution and they discover it on their own that you messed up. You’ll really see their true colour before they permanently vote out of your business.