Your business could have been better than what is it right now but you’re somehow failing it.

Let me explain. You got almost the same mount of capital with that old or young man in Bulawayo who started almost a similar business with you but has since scaled it up while yours is still on its knees.

I know, you will say a number of things defending your position and condition but today I will not give that an ear. 

Whenever you make a decision to get into business, conditions are never any good for anyone, it’s actually you who must create conducive conditions for your business to grow. Entrepreneurs are known for that. 

Here is the issue, you are always at war with your business. The business wants you to do certain things for it to grow but the challenge is that, your communication with the same business is pathetic. You’re failing to understand the language your business speaks.

Always upgrade your mind and learn the language of your business. We know you are always blaming the economic conditions and that other pile of reasons but real stars shine when it is the darkest. Without economic challenges, we don’t have entrepreneurs to talk about.

If others are making it under the same conditions, are you any different. The difference comes from how we choose to utilise our mental power and who we choose to associate with.

Your association at persona and business a level have a bearing on everything you do. Our default nature is to be conditioned by environment and conform. This is where I want to take you from.

You just have to be sober and alive when relating to your business otherwise it has every reason to point fingered at you for it’s current condition and position.

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