You can still make a difference

Life is a collection of your thoughts packed in action. Thus you are just but an accumulation of what you set your mind on and eventually did. The making of the person you was and is still solely your responsibility. No delegation. No pointing fingures. You know what you have made yourself to be. I know you could be happy or feel bad about what you plunged yourself into. Its some form of intelligence to come to such realisation. Some could go on in that state till death while some could tune into this awakening moment. That becomes your take-home homework. If you are happy lucky you, if not then here is the now moment. A moment of truth. A moment to rediscover self. A moment of self-identification. A moment of self-definition. Allowing your compass to reconfigure itself, allowing it to point to your real North. Tell yourself loud in your ears by your first name that you have messed up. You did not live up to your expectations. But there is a time such as this. To recollect and redefine. To rediscover and reconfigure. To identify that which you were created to do. That which is your reason for your existence. That which lies at your core. That which has been lying untapped for too long. That which the whole world have been waiting for. Your core calling to existence and to life.

The world has a lot to be done. Your track is half run, or without any mark of your footing on it. Take the courage of rushing to the starting line, late though it might seem but its necessary. You had started I know, but in the wrong direction. Come to the master track and join the race. There might be some encouragement at times but not always. Dont wait for approval because you might not get any and get distracted. I know after a few meters of successful on-track steps, everyone will cheer you up. Run your race to the finishing line. You might get tired along the way but do not quite. Keep moving forward though at a slower pace at times. Have moments to take a breath but with all your senses focused on the finishing line. By doing so, no amount of distraction can deter you. The world is waiting for your contribution. Indeed you can change the world.

Yes it’s you and no one else. Even how you are going to spend your day tomorrow is modeled by you. Just tell yourself you can do it and do it. You have to raise the bar higher each and every day. Be different from the person you were yesterday. Refuse stagnancy. Show positive movement. Press on hard towards the mark. Be a positive contributor. Don’t call for attention, just do what you should in an extraordinary way and everyone would want your company. Become of value for you to attract value. Broaden your knowledge horizon. Be relevant. Be a solution provider. Stop complaining and describing situations. Proffer solutions and move on. We are now 6 months into the year, only 6 months left, how far have you gone on your personal development & business development plan? You might have derailed, recollect yourself and refocus. A focused mind has the capacity and potential to do the unimaginable.