Business is synonymous to a live match. You have to keep actively alive, planning and strategizing in order to score. The business that you are or want to run, is just a LIVE MATCH. It calls for your active participation. You cannot afford to delegate responsibility. If it is to survive, it’s all up to you.

I view business and organisations as living organisms whose upkeep is as essential as that of your own kids at home. You just have to take great care. Isaac Mophatlane once said, “If you did not look after today’s business, then you might as well forget about tomorrow.” There are tasks in your business that has to be carried out on a daily basis, these cumulatively makes up the entire business. There can never be a successful tomorrow if there hasn’t been a today that is well lived.

Just as in a soccer match, you just have to be on the ball and with the ball in order to dominate and come out victorious. You have to be alive. Read the current economic trends, check how the exchange rates are moving, project, calculate and mark up accordingly. I see many businesses going under, especially those run by owners whose hands are off the steering wheel. It is not business as usual. The ever changing world order with all it’s emergent challenges the just past COVID 19 pandemic, needs people whose business channels are so clearly connected and tuned in for survival. 

I know it’s good and it shows leadership to delegate, but under the prevailing new normal, your business can only be better driving it your own, you know when to press the foot brake, when to accelerate and when to reduce speed. There is every need to be all eyes on the dashboard and all ears open for survival on this business cruise. Just be alive and active, you’ll be better off.