Go that extra mile

Go that extra mile


By Master Coach Dr. Kudzanai Vere 

“There is no traffic jam along the extra mile.” —Roger Staubach

Most people enjoy being among the mob. It’s good to be with them but you share the spoils. To be different, you need to push forward and off the crowd. Go that extra mile. It is in that extra mile where you can successfully define and dictate the pace. There is no congestion in that region. 

You chose to be ordinary, that’s why you’re getting such ordinary results. Those who choose to be priced by others (employed) may be saying jobs are scarce and difficult to come by. I beg to differ a bit on that, I always buy the Sunday mail and they have devoted this whole section for job adverts. The reason why you’re not getting employed is that you’re too ordinary. You did a qualification that everyone else did and performed at everyone’s level. Had you done that extra mile, you could have been better off.

Be allergic to over populated areas. Decide to be different. Be that outstanding person. Those in the extra mile are easily recognized. It’s easy to be identified when you’re high up there. People would also want to associate with you and thus bettering your business. 

Refuse to be a common person who is always found in common places, stretch! Eagles up there have much freedom. Unlike chickens which keep scrambling for maize with mice on the ground. 

I am one person who enjoys being of my own league. It’s not easy to find yourself there. You just have to push regardless of the situation. Be driven by the need to be freed from the generality. Go that extra mile, there is no traffic jam that side. 

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The writer, Master Coach Dr. Kudzanai Vere is an international transformational speaker. He speaks two languages, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development. Dr Vere is the author of Becoming a person of impact: The Six Pack Approach, Exceed beyond the ORDINARY: A step by step guide on how to become a high voltage entrepreneur and the Soul Food SERIES.

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