By Master Coach Dr. Kudzanai Vere

I strongly believe that everyone was born rich regardless of parental orientation. You might have been born in a poor family, that doesn’t mean you too should be poor. Poverty has never been your portion. It’s actually an acquired deficiency syndrome

Once you know that poverty is acquired, you begin to work back to your original state. You’re blessed from birth, but you seem to have acquired and imported more that you generated from within and subsequently became a net importer. What is it that you imported? The poverty seed. It’s unfortunate that you continuously and unconsciously watered the poverty seed with your own words, actions, habits and character. It found a fertile ground in you. You were not born poor.

The moment you realised that you were born in a family that struggles to make ends meet, you then patterned yourself to that situation of inadequacy. Little did you know that you were born to challenge the status quo as a born rich and blessed individual. Your parental status doesn’t have anything to do with your future. That’s the reason why just after birth, you started feeding with your own mouth, touching with your own hands, breathing with your own nose. That’s sign enough that you’re an independent and capable transformational being ready to take your own course. 

Being born in a rich or poor family has nothing to do with your future, it’s what you tell yourself and actually do that ultimately have a bearing on who you will become. You were led into poverty by your thoughts and actions. Rather than acquiring riches, you instead chose poverty. Poverty was given more space and weight in you that prosperity and riches. It stands true that you eventually become what you often talk about. 

Stop talking of poverty and resort to speaking blessings and riches, act on your thoughts and they will become reality. That’s where most of us missed it. We were all born rich, but some made wrong choices along the way. Never blame your parents, upbringing or environment, point all your fingers on SELF. Given a chance to treat yourself, you didn’t do it any better. You displaced the blessing rather. 

We all need to be  alive to the fact that we were all born rich. All that we are today is due to our thoughts, conscious choices and actions.

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The writer, Master Coach Dr. Kudzanai Vere is an entrepreneur, author and transformational speaker. He’s the author of the bestselling Personal Development toolkit, BECOMING A PERSON OF IMPACT: The Six Pack Approach, EXCEED BEYOND THE ORDINARY: A step by step guide on how to become a high voltage entrepreneur and SOUL FOOD Volume one & two. Dr. Vere speaks two languages, Entrepreneurship and Personal Development. 

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